Harnessing the Power of BI on Amazon Redshift

AtScale and AWS, the fastest and most scalable enterprise analytics solution on the cloud.

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“AtScale’s vision is in alignment with the enterprise’s needs, which is not surprising given the company’s roots and the advanced nature of its customers’ deployments.”

– David Menninger, Ventana Research

Future-proof Your Enterprise Analytics Projects with the Best-in-Class Universal Semantic Layer for BI on Amazon Redshift.

Are you looking to migrate more data to the cloud? With increased performance and lower costs, its worth investigating! Chief data officers, data scientists, and data architects are moving to the cloud at an ever-increasing rate.

Building on the scalability of the AtScale platform, we support Amazon Redshift to provide more options for cloud vendors. AtScale is the first and only provider to take a new approach to interact with Big Data on the cloud, empowering BI users to directly query big data stored in Amazon RedShift without costly imports or unnecessary data movement. Combining AWS services with AtScale delivers the BI and big data analytical solution you’re looking for.

Live, Fast and Economical.

Deliver Fast Unquestionable Decisions
Exhausted by query latency on your Big Data? Instead of falling back on data extracts or data marts that might result in flawed results, the AtScale Adaptive Cache™ guarantees sub-second performance and scalable user concurrency without jeopardizing the accuracy of query finds.

One for All and All for One
Today’s enterprise typically uses more than two BI tools to analyze their data. The AtScale Hybrid Query Service™ makes it the industry’s only platform to support both MDX and SQL. This means all business users will be able to work on the Amazon Cloud with the BI tools they love and the skills they have.

Secure and Reliable Access to All Your Data
AtScale True Delegation™ ensures that every query is associated with the end-user who executes it while satisfying the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies. The platform works seamlessly with Apache Sentry and Apache Ranger, and fully supports LDAP and Kerberos.


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One Solution for Your Boundless BI Potential


Scalable High Performance
With AtScale and Redshift, your data becomes an asset and not an obstruction on your analytics process. With a few clicks you can fine-tune your analytics landscape based on the performance you need. Bogging down your system because the size of your data is too large is a thing from the past.


Business Analytics On AWS For All Your Data
Optimize your business operations and deliver more accurate answers to any business question regardless of their complexity. Gone are the days where only a subset of big data could be used to drive critical decisions.



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Easy to Use. Cost Effective. Reliable.

Revolutionize The Way That Your Users Access THEIR Data
AtScale enables business users to take advantage of a self-service data environment, using all the potential of their data lake. AtScale eliminates the need for costly, complex, and repetitive data movements

Better Data + Better Analysis = Real Business Value
With AtScale, users are able to release enterprise, world-class analytics projects in minutes instead of weeks. With support for the Amazon Cloud, AtScale “future-proofs” enterprise Big Data analytics investments across both on-premise and multi-cloud Data Lakes.

Overall Operational Excellence
AtScale’s AWS support will let Amazon customers benefit from the affordability, scalability, and flexibility of the AWS Cloud platform while enabling enterprise Business Intelligence capabilities, whether data is stored in EMR, Redshift, or even on-premise.


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By deploying AtScale on Amazon Redshift, enterprises can finally benefit from a highly secure, open, and advanced platform for BI on Big Data, on-premise and in the cloud.

  • No Client Required.
  • No New Server Needed.
  • No Data Movement.
  • No Wait. No Delays.