Initial Environment Set-Up – AWS


Upon successful logon you’ll be prompted to upload your AtScale license key. The URL to request a License key is

welcome to atscale


Next, it is an industry best practice to change your default password upon your first login. In this step you are prompted to change the admin account password.

set admin password


Select Amazon Redshift for your Data Warehouse type.

select amazon redshift


Before you begin this section ensure that you have created a schema in your Redshift cluster. AtScale requires a schema to create and store aggregates tables.

To distinguish between Data Warehouses, a unique name must be provided, then scroll down the page.

connect redshift


In the Host field, Specify your Redshift cluster endpoint for the Amazon Redshift cluster. You can find the endpoint displayed on the overview page for the cluster in your Redshift dashboard in the AWS console.

In the Database field, specify the name of the database that appears in the Cluster Database Properties section of the overview page for the cluster.

If you are using a non-standard port number for connections to your Amazon Redshift database, specify the port number in the Port field. The port number that you are using appears in the Cluster Database Properties section of the overview page for the cluster. The default port number is 5439.



redshift connection

Access to Amazon Redshift requires credentials that AWS can use to authenticate your requests.

Specify a Redshift Username with the combination of Access Key and Secret Key or by specifying the password. Use the radio button to select the preference of credentials.


preference of credentials


Optional: Click Test Connection to check whether the connection parameters that you specified are valid.

The S3 Bucket Details are optional and only required if you plan on loading our sample data or use the file watcher feature.

s3 bucket details

This Name of the environment specified  will be displayed in the AtScale Design Center.

Specify Redshift for the data warehouse type.

Specify a port number. This port will be used in connections from SQL (ODBC /JDBC) clients only.

create environment

You must specify a port  within the range allowed by the Security Group described in section AWS Marketplace 1-Click Launch settings.

Click Finish to complete the Initial Environment Set-up.

complete environment setup