Bringing the Power of BI and Big Data to Microsoft Azure HDInsight

AtScale and Azure HDInsight, the strongest foundation for the ultimate modern analytics architecture.

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“AtScale provides multi-dimensional capabilities enabling enterprise users to interrogate data in the way that supports their company’s most pressing problems, across any data and any tool.”

– David Menninger, Ventana Research

Unleashing the Power of Analytics With the Industry’s First Universal Semantic Platform for BI on Azure HDInsight

AtScale is the first and only provider to enable Power BI users to perform live, interactive queries against big data without data imports, pre-processing or data movement. AtScale + Azure HDInsight is a Hadoop service offering that enables clusters of managed hadoop instances.  

Azure HDInsight deploys Hadoop clusters in the cloud, providing a software framework designed to manage, analyze, and report on big data with high reliability and availability.

Fast. Untethered BI.

Drive Instant Decision Making
Unleash the power of your favorite BI tools like PowerBI, Excel and Tableau to run live reports and dashboards on big data the moment it’s available in Azure HDInsight. Get the most out of your data with the best-in-class BI on big data technology.

Ask Highly Sophisticated Business Questions
With AtScale, BI users get to query the full potential of the data stored in Azure HDInsight. AtScale’s multi-dimensional capabilities accommodate a wide range of calculations allowing users to ask any business question regardless of its complexity.

Operationalize Your Data in a Governed and Secure Manner
Provide powerful BI insights for your entire organization with a robust platform across the cloud. AtScale + Azure HDInsight provides IT and BI users the enterprise-class security and governance they need to scale with confidence.


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Harness the Power of BI on Big Data


Limitless Scalability
Benefit from better ROI by running production-ready workloads on the highly scalable and affordable Microsoft Azure platform. AtScale + HDInsight allows for your BI to grow as fast as your company does, giving you access to a range of inexhaustible possibilities when analyzing data.


Business Analytics On Azure HDInsight For All BI Tools

AtScale challenges the usual thinking that all BI has to be moved into a data warehouse or into a cube, and that big data must be brought to the user. AtScale also challenges the perception that new BI means a new BI front end. With AtScale, analysts use the tools they want, leveraging the skills they have.



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Agile. Accessible. Self-Service Analytics.

Avoid Data Chaos by Eliminating Conditional Data Movement
No need to extract data out of Azure HDInsight into data marts to deliver self-service BI on big data. With AtScale, business users get to take advantage of a self-service data environment, using all the potential of their data lake. AtScale with Azure HDInsights eliminates the need for costly, complex, and repeated data movements.

Capitalize on BI Tool Investments
With AtScale, users move beyond predefined models, become more agile to data changes, and are able to move from insight to action in a matter of minutes instead of weeks. You leverage the BI tools that you have invested in, plus, the skill set that you already have, to take advantage of your big data.

Real Governance, Top Notch Security
AtScale’s True Delegation™ ensures that every query is associated with the end-user who generated the query. AtScale satisfies the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies.


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