Initial Environment Set-Up: Google BigQuery



Upon successful logon you’ll be prompted to upload your AtScale license key. The URL to request a License key is

welcome to atscale


Next, it is an industry best practice to change your default password upon your first login. In this step you are prompted to change the admin account password.

set admin password


Select Google BigQuery for your Data Warehouse type.

select amazon redshift


To distinguish between Data Warehouses, a unique name must be provided.

Specify an existing Schema where aggregate instances will be created by the AtScale engine.


connect to google bigquery


Use the BROWSE button to upload your JSON credential file for your Google Cloud Platform service account.




This Name of the environment specified will be displayed in the AtScale Design Center.

Select BigQuery for the data warehouse type.

Specify a port number. This port will be used in connections from SQL (ODBC /JDBC) clients only.

create environment



You must specify a port  within the range of 11111 and 11119.


Click Finish to complete the Initial Environment Set-up.

complete environment setup