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“AtScale is easing the way for enterprises to run big data business intelligence and analytics directly on their Hadoop cluster.”
– Pedro Hernandez, eWeek

No Data Movement, Ever.

Typically, running BI and Analytics on Hadoop requires moving data out of a Hadoop cluster first. This approach adds steps to analytical pipelines, reduces a company’s ability to respond to business needs and potentially exposes data to governance issues. AtScale allows enterprises to get the most out of their Hadoop Cluster without EVER moving ANY data.

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Consistent, Live Hadoop Queries


AtScale acts as the unique semantic layer between your Business Intelligence tools and Hadoop.  This means that, regardless if people use Tableau, Excel, PowerBI, MicroStrategy, Business Objects or Qlik, they always get the same answers from your Hadoop cluster.


Say “No!” to stale data. Thanks to AtScale’s no-data-movement approach, users can process data the minute it lands in Hadoop. This means employees always have the latest view of their business, without having to manage data snapshots, extracts or complex ETL workflows.


AtScale turns the information stored in your Hadoop cluster into the familiar measures, dimensions and calculations your business users love.  No transformation or coding required.  Any Hadoop data can be accessed, from any BI tools, using any standards from MDX to SQL.

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The Right Engine.
At The Right Time.

The Open Source community constantly innovates on top of old regular Hadoop. Every day, new projects have the potential to enable your organization to speed up access to the troves of data stored in your Hadoop Cluster.  Who can keep up though?  AtScale can!  Thanks to our open plug-and-play architecture, your team will leverage the industry’s latest innovations to make your Hadoop cluster the healthiest, the fastest and the most secure cluster in your industry!


Speed Matters.  So does Reliability.  Most vendors will tell you that you have to give up one to get the other.  But, with AtScale, you can have your cake and eat it too.  AtScale’s dynamic engine selection functionality allows for queries to be distributed to the best engine, at run-time.  With AtScale, you don’t have to choose between Hive, Spark or Impala.  You can use them all!



Lightning Fast. Highly Tuned.


No need to extract data out of Hadoop into data marts or proprietary data servers. With AtScale, employees get access to big data residing in their original Hadoop files. No data movement means no data latency and no data mart maintenance. Gone are the days where you had to wait hours for your ETL job to finish before you could give your users access to your Hadoop data files!


Built to accommodate the most extensive enterprise requirements, the AtScale platform offers robust security and top performance.  AtScale Adaptive Caching Technology delivers the industry’s leading speed improvements and its patent-pending security enhancements have made it the industry’s most secure BI on Hadoop Platform.  AtScale supports Apache Sentry, Apache Ranger and LDAP, Active Directory, and Kerberos.


Deliver consistent and secure data discovery capability through one single logical view.  AtScale’s Virtual Cubes deliver a single semantic layer, providing consistency, blazing fast performance, and data governance across your Hadoop cluster.  AtScale is the only BI-on-Hadoop platform to support SQL and MDX on Hadoop, natively.

The AtScale Advantage

Under the creative eye of Hadoop and Business Intelligence veterans, AtScale was built to make the world of Big Data a better place and provide solutions for various industries across the globe. We started off by creating Business Intelligence solutions on Hadoop and have worked hard to become an industry leader for Business Intelligence on Big Data.

What more can you get out of your Hadoop cluster? From accessibility to easy management and single drop-gateway node deployment, using AtScale for your files and Big Data platform has never been better! Get started today by filling out the form and our experts will help direct you on a path towards smarter data analytics.

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