Query Hadoop directly from Microsoft Excel

Build Excel BI reports on Hadoop data

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Connect Excel directly to Hadoop in a consistent, managed and self-service manner

With AtScale, business users stay in the application they love. They can query Hadoop at top speed and without any limitations. IT gets to manage self-service BI on Hadoop centrally: they don’t have to move data, install new drivers on clients or ever buy more servers for their Hadoop environment.

Build Virtual and Dynamic Cubes for Hadoop

AtScale’s Design center is a multi-user web application that allows business users to build semantic views of their Hadoop data. Think of Design Center as a modern and comfortable Microsoft Analysis Services Cube editor. With one big difference: AtScale cubes are not physical. They are a logical representation Hadoop OLAP cubes: they are virtual and can be updated in minutes, not days.

No Wait. No Memory Errors. Ever.

Excel users like data and speed. So do we. That’s why our technology is supported by smart aggregates that self-update to guarantee best performance, whatever Microsoft Live Pivot Tables you hit. Our aggregates learn from user query patterns and optimize in the background, auto-magically.


Excel on Hadoop. Any Hadoop.

AtScale is the industry’s first solution that lets business users work with Hadoop at top speed, from the BI tools they already know (Excel, Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy, etc.) It is the only platform that works with any flavor of Hadoop (Cloudera, MapR, HortonWorks or Apache) and doesn’t force IT to move data, or deploy new servers or clients.