AtScale Cloud Getting Started Guide for Amazon Redshift


AtScale Cloud is an enterprise-grade platform delivering Business Intelligence on any cloud (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google). It also supports both multi-cloud and hybrid cloud/on-premise data platforms. AtScale Cloud delivers the same universal semantic layer that has been successfully deployed across data lakes for best-in-class user experience for leading BI tools including Tableau, Microsoft Excel, IBM Cognos, Microsoft PowerBI, MicroStrategy, and more. 

By deploying AtScale Cloud from the AWS Marketplace, you gain the ability to modernize your Big Data strategy faster by migrating your analytics workloads and take advantage of AtScale’s universal semantic layer supporting both on-premise and cloud data platforms.

AtScale Cloud delivers:

  • Faster time to value for any data
  • Reduced query costs
  • Predictable performance regardless of the BI tools your teams use
  • Consistent security and data governance across data platforms
  • Multi-dimension at any scale


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View these valuable step-by-step guides and video tutorials to accessing your data on AWS.

Guide 1: Provisioning


Tutorial 1: Provisioning


Guide 2: Environment Setup


Guide 3: Load Data, Model, Publish


Tutorial 3: Load Data, Browse, Publish


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