Born to Make Analytics Work with Anything, Everywhere

The AtScale Story

Back in 2009 at Yahoo!, the AtScale founding team pioneered the Big Data revolution and helped bring the open source project, Hadoop, to market. 

However, like so many enterprises today, we struggled to make our data consumable for our business users.  Tired of moving data and making big data small, the team founded AtScale to build what we could not buy.

We understand your challenges because we’ve walked in your shoes.  We are driven to solve tough problems and deliver on the promise of Big Data and the cloud.  Our mission is to provide seamless, secure and scalable access to any data store, anywhere.

"A modern analytic platform standardizes on what’s important; an interactive business view of big data that any tool or application can access. In this regard, AtScale is ahead of the pack."

- Wayne Eckerson, Principal and Founder, Eckerson Group

Work with Any Data, Everywhere

Get back in control of your most important asset.

Gone are the days of the lone, centralized data warehouse.  In today’s world, data is everywhere and everyone has their own version of reality.

Simplify your data stack by eliminating BI tool specific data feeds and extracts while allowing the business to use the best tool for the job.

Publish a secure, performant, single source of truth no matter what BI tool you use.

Get back control of your data and empower your users to make decisions at scale.

Make your data work on any platform.

Whether your data is in a data warehouse or a data lake, on-premises or in the cloud, your business users won’t know the difference.

Give users the interface they want.

Turn any data into concepts all business users can work with such as dimensions, measures, hierarchies and cross tabs.

Present a unified view of your data.

Manage and deploy one source of truth for all users and for any BI tool including Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Power BI and more.

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Future-Proof Your Enterprise

Get a modern, flexible data architecture.

It seems like new data platform are born every day.

Your data ecosystem needs to work regardless of whether data is in a warehouse, in data marts, in data lakes on-premise, in one cloud or multiple clouds.

Your world is getting more heterogeneous. Simplify and standardize with AtScale’s Universal Semantic Layer.

Hide complexity.

Expose a single semantic interface to your business users, whether your data is stored in rows and columns in a relational data warehouse or as files in a data lake.

Take advantage of modern data types.

Today’s data is often expressed in maps, arrays and nested data types rather than traditional star schemas that make ETL a necessity.  AtScale manages all data types seamlessly.

Leverage new data platforms

Move to more modern and cost effective data platforms while minimizing downstream business user disruptions that accompany data platform migrations.

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Keep Big Data Big

Don’t shrink it to make it work for BI.

OLAP is fast, easily understood by business users and lets them ask sophisticated questions.

But “Old OLAP” has limits.  It requires data movement and data transformations to work. Old OLAP makes big data small.

AtScale’s massively scalable multidimensional engine does away with these limitations.

Business Use CaseCalculation Engine RequirementIndustry Vertical
Per-Member-Per-MonthMulti-fact MetricsHealth, Insurance
Counting Unique CustomersSemi-additive MetricsMedia
Store vs Region PerformanceMulti-level MetricsRetail
Credit/Claims Fraud DetectionAtomic Drill-throughFinancial Services
Period to Period ComparisonsParallel PeriodRetail
Currency FluctuationsMetrical AttributesFinancial Services
Work with data without moving it.

Play the data where it lays to eliminate costly data movement, data duplication and unnecessary ETL.

Analyze data at its most atomic level.

Get the best of both worlds: performance and full fidelity data analysis without pre-aggregation.

Create sophisticated calculations.

Create models and multidimensional calculations that work for MDX and SQL for any visualization tool or custom application.

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Get Freedom within a Framework

Give the business their data with control & consistency.

The self-serve BI revolution had some unintended consequences.

We’ve forced business users to become data engineers.

Multiple BI tools and data extracts have driven semantic inconsistency while creating redundant data copies.

Lax and complex security practices have made life difficult for the enterprise data steward.

Give business users the freedom they want and the peace of mind you need.

Define business logic in one place.

Secure and govern your data consistently using AtScale’s design tools and centralize your business metrics once and for all.

Apply multi-layered security.

Work with your data platform’s native security services while providing metadata-driven governance and seamless data filtering.

Free users from data preparation.

Reduce or eliminate data movement and customized modeling work required to support a variety of BI tools.

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Reduce Cost, Simplify your Stack

Eliminate complexity, data movement and storage cost.

Don’t move or shrink data to make it fit with your existing BI tools and platforms.

Eliminate the unnecessary ETL required to transform your data into star schemas for analysis.

Reduce your cloud data warehouse costs dramatically by scanning less data with AtScale’s Adaptive Cache.

Collapse the stack, remove ETL.

Don’t reformat, aggregate and load data copies into expensive analytical databases. Make your existing data platforms work for BI using AtScale.

Curate data instead of moving it.

Don’t turn your business users into data engineers and don’t turn your data engineers into data movers.  Free your data stewards from mundane tasks.

Drastically Reduce cloud costs.

The cloud can get expensive if you are paying by the drink.  Reduce your cloud data costs dramatically by scanning only the data needed for a query.

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